Saturday, May 23, 2009

Learn The Drums-- Read This

“So You Want To Play Drums? Read THIS”

So, you want to play drums? Have you ever asked yourself why? Is it because you saw or heard some of the great drummers like Buddy Rich or more recently, Carl Palmer? Have you thought about the style you want to play? If you’re seriously considering taking up the skins, you might want to read this article first. It just might save you a lot of anguish beforehand.

Let me start out by saying that playing the drums is not like playing any other instrument. A lot of people think that because there are no actual “notes” to play that it’s a piece of cake. Well, let me tell you…to play the drums correctly, you DO have to learn to read drum notation. Unless of course you’re just planning on slumming around in a garage band. But the serious drummer knows his drum notation.

In addition to that, there is the physical aspect of playing the drums. Most people don’t realize this until they’ve actually picked up a set of sticks, but playing the drums is physically taxing, not to mention what the sticks do to your fingers. Talk about blisters…ouch. No, playing the drums is NOT physically easy. Of course if you’re just planning on laying down a gentle jazz beat to some bass player plucking his heart out, then don’t worry about the blisters. Just worry about keeping yourself from falling asleep.

Finally, there is the choice of drum set itself. Let me tell you something, practice pads are no fun to play on. When you buy your first set, wanting to keep the cost down, starting with a 3 piece set is going to bore the heck out of you. Trust me on this. You are going to want to start with something that you can really sink your teeth into.

Why am I telling you all this? Here’s why. It is SO easy to get discouraged when trying to learn a new instrument, either because learning to read music is too hard or the beating your hands take is murder or the instrument itself doesn’t get you all that jazzed up because it was bought on the cheap. This is how potential great drummers end up working in a chicken shack. Don’t let these things become issues for you. Understand what you have ahead of you from the start and you’ll give yourself the best chance of learning the drums and actually becoming an accomplished drummer.

Learn To Play Drums

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